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Loving Your Cancer (audio) Visualizations for Self Healing

 Shirley Knapp
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Healing the Emotional Body (audio) click here
Joyful Transformation (audio) click here
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Loving Your Cancer (audio) click here

Healing the Emotional Body (audio)

Shirley Knapp has given us an audiotape so filled with wisdom, it will take you out of your body so you may inspect it and rid it of any fear blockages.

Such is "Healing the Emotional Body"…a superb relaxation-meditative journey of inner feeling and transformation to the sound of light and love. Indeed, your higher self will guide and assist you in the healing process.

Unconditional love is the key to releasing all fears, resistances and blockages. We have lived with them for so long, they have become safety nets. Therefore, we must first identify our fears as opportunities for growth, and those are the areas where we need to feel the love.

Shirley’s voice is soft and warm and almost hypnotic. Her message is caring and loving. The music, by Don Leveille, is in perfect harmony to the message. All conspire, successfully, to connect to the higher plane deep within you…a place of serenity and peace.

With "Healing the Emotional Body," Shirley Knapp relaxes you and then takes you through all parts of your body, for inspection and healing. It is a glorious way to let go of the negative feelings you no longer want. In short, "Healing the "Emotional Body" is an out-of-body experience without ever leaving your body. It is an experience not to be missed!

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor: Metaphysical Reviews

Joyful Transformation (audio)

This glorious 45-minute audiotape is a journey of joyful transformation with the assistance of the sea creatures…whales and dolphins…to the place of healing.

Shirley Knapp internationally recognized Spiritual teacher and energy healer focuses in this work on multidimensional communication with the whales, and dolphins. Her soft, and sensuous voice, in combination with Don Leveille’s beautiful music, is loving, and compassionate, as well as a meditative work of art.

To help us make the connection, Shirley uses the calming sounds of the sea…of the sea creatures…of the music and colors. Easily, she transformed the reviewer into a mode of peace, tranquility and joy. The tape expands the consciousness on the journey to transformation. We are led to the crystal temple and the circle of light, into the golden pyramid. The Brothers of Light appear to encourage your healing by shedding pain…. indeed, taking your pain so that joy can come through.

"Joyful Transformation" is a grand visualization journey. Your dolphin companion is, allegorically, your Guardian Angel and the voyage is one of self-love and healing on your own inner seas.

Shirley Knapp has given us, in "Joyful Transformation" the knowledge and confidence to find our peace and joy, with the assistance of the whales and dolphins…creatures of loving and peaceful energy.

- Richard Fuller, Senior Editor: Metaphysical Reviews

Nature Speaks (audio)

Shirley Knapp, the Internationally recognized Spiritual leader and energy healer, has given us a must-have meditation and relaxation audiotape entitled "Nature Speaks".

Her soothing and sensual voice, together with glorious music by Don Leveille, combine to form a path to attunement to nature’s powerful forces. Through "Nature Speaks" you can discover (or re-discover) beauty and spiritual well being. You can reconnect and realign to the essence of nature by relaxing so to hear and feel the higher forces within each of us.

Shirley’s loving and compassionate words with Don’s music and the sounds of the creatures of the forest create the mood for the relaxation necessary to allow you to focus on the sounds of nature to take you to that higher place…within yourself.

Shirley speaks to bring forth the understanding of the importance of the reconciliation between man and nature. Therefore, this work is not only about our healing, but it is also about the well being of our planet Earth at this crucial time.

"Nature Speaks", for this reviewer, conjured a picture or vision of a rain forest complete with filtered sunlight penetrating the upper reaches of the trees…a sense of calm and tranquility…and the sound of the denizens of the forest. And so it created, for me, a totally relaxing atmosphere. Additionally though, Shirley Knapp’s message of attunement, reconnection and realignment was easily digested in this state of serenity. So, "Nature Speaks" is on two levels, and in this reviewer’s opinion, we mortals need both.

- Richard Fuller, Senior Editor: Metaphysical Reviews


























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Are you open to healing and vitality? This is a tape that can contribute to your well being. Don LeVeille's calming synthesizer music serves as a backdrop to Shirley Knapp's expert guidance into a tranquil state of relaxation. Knapp offers a step-by-step process that acknowledges your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. This awareness becomes the setting for introducing to specific aspects of yourself the healing energy you need in the form of light, love, and affirmation. This is not an entertainment tape, although its sound quality is pleasing. It is a tool for generating health, peace, and integrity. I especially appreciate Knapp's ability to integrate specific physical language with psychological and spiritual language. By doing so, she provides the opportunity for you to facilitate your own freedom from cancer.
-Susan Donum, Magical Blend Magazine


Sustaining Joy (the book)

Joy is what health is all about, and the joy that comes from unconditional love is about as special as the unbearable lightness of being. "The heart is moving with the soul," the authors tell us in this wide sized, spiral bound workbook. "The soul and the heart work together, so when you're in the heart, you can feel the soul." Each chapter is a special exercise in sustaining joy. Asking And Receiving contains a procedure for acknowledging "your deepest dreams and desires," in which you ask the universe; there's a special box to write in your request and several urgings as to what to ask for. Communicating telepathically: "Any part of your lives that feel a bit like a corral, jump the fence. Dare to jump without fear, without knowing what's on the other side of the fence." Lighten up! "Raising consciousness is like a dance of energies The more you laugh, the lighter you dance." Becoming a frequent flyer:: " Ask the Universe to send you a dream message. Ask to remember the dream upon awakening." Each suggestion comes equipped with areas to write in, thoughts to ponder, questions to answer. What outcomes have you been trying to control or force out of your life? Describe a situation around which you are experiencing some confusion. The resolution of chaos into joy, the lyrical rhythm throughout make this an invaluable presentation of joy- the joy of health, the joy of joy. - BookReader Magazine


This work/ playbook is the result of a decade of insights on living a life of passion. Every other page of its sixty-four pages presents a new level of growth in the form of channeled instructions from extra-dimensional beings who have come to encourage human progress toward the Light. The remaining pages provide exercises you can use to evaluate and expand your conscious contact with the source of your passion and creativity. The book helps you identify what visions you’ve had for your life, and guides you through a process of creating reality from them. It has you confront and overcome fear and the barriers imposed by old belief systems. And the book suggests ways to keep renewing yourself as new realities lead you to even greater sources of inspiration and passion. This is a book for those who want some encouragement in their personal growth process. White it’s easy to be skeptical about talk of beings from other dimensions and their message for humanity, there is much to be gained from exploring these exercises. David Merritt, Magical Blend Magazine


Independent Study
“Developing Your Intuition to Sustain Joy" 

Author, healer and old friend Shirley Knapp has given us a book/CD ROM combination that puts new meaning into the words guidance, self-healing and attunement. By enabling us to reach inside, Sustaining Joy and the companion CD ROM, Developing Your Intuition to Sustain Joy, offer the insight to remember the Truth.
Well-written and easily understood, both lead us back to the world of old. We read, "But we know that underneath the fear patterns, you are pure Joy, Love and Light." The means to find these revelations are sage wisdom that absolutely resonates---and exercises that get you to think and align yourself to determine who you are.
Visualization techniques aid the reader/listener to open the door to your heart. "Allow yourself to receive the abundance of the Universe. Allow yourself to receive the energy of Love--true unconditional love--without fear. Allow yourself to receive the energy and the true love and healing of who you are."
Sustaining Joy and Developing Your Intuition to Sustain Joy open the door to true freedom, self-unconditional love, releasing of fear patterns and even communicating telepathically. No small part of the value of this set is the CD ROM written and spoken by Shirley Knapp. She reviews the chapters in the book, while at the same time, offering the means to intuition and thus, understanding. Shirley says, "It can change your life", and this reviewer believes that to be true.
Our world seems more fearful than ever. Sustaining Joy and Developing Your Intuition to Sustain Joy cut through the fear to let it go because, "The clearer you become, the more joyful you become." Here is a means to a more powerful and productive life!- Richard Fuller, Senior Editor: Metaphysical Reviews

Subject: A thorough, transformative class including the CD ROM, "Developing Your Intuition To Sustain Joy," and a work/playbook, "Sustaining Joy," containing an interactive page at the end of each chapter enabling students to implement the teachings in daily life. Shirley is a recognized international energy healer & spiritual teacher.
Noteworthy: Innovative and understandable, the audio CD enables anyone to develop intuition through meditation. The creative interactive pages for self-awareness permit the student to answer questions and write. Covers in-depth soul path & partnerships, self-unconditional love, balancing masculine & feminine, and much more for eliminating fear and living in joy. - Recommended in Mindquest, by Lightword Publishing