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Loving Your Cancer

Shirley Knapp's audio is a 30 minute journey deep into the cellular memory of your creation. She assists you on your journey with her soft angelic voice as you open to the complete trust in your ability to heal the self.

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As you progress on the journey of self exploration, you are assisted by the lights and the beautiful music of Don Leveille. This enables you to release the memories held deep within the cells to illuminate these long denied areas with your unconditional "cell love."

Shirley created this audio for her individual clients with cancer. It has inspired people to heal their immune systems from within.  Releasing the blockages will make way for unconditional love and promote healing: Without the blocks, there is no purpose for the disease or "dis-ease," and it can be healed.

Loving Your Cancer "...provides the opportunity for you to facilitate your own freedom from cancer."  Click here for the full review by Magical Blend Magazine.

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