t is our privilege to welcome you to our website. The essence of what Northwinds Productions offers the world is a dynamic web of information. Our insights have been gathered from a collection of Shirley's teachings through multidimensional communications in workshops, classes and insights. Through sharing this information we experience the expansion of our consciousness as we prepare to travel in this new millennium.

Our mission is to heal, love and serve the world by transforming ourselves and helping others transform in Joy.

Shirley Knapp
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Message from Shirley Knapp on achieving and sustaining Joy:

Maybe you are tired of the place you are in. It happens to all of us at times. I was in a place that was too chaotic with relationship and business. Even though I was professionally and financially successful, my work was not spiritually supportive, and I was not aligned within myself. That struggle induced my studying with numerous wise teachers over the past twenty years to learn how life can be more joyful through becoming more aligned within ourselves. I achieved this better place - one where I am connected with my inner passions, one where I have positive energy, and one where I can heal myself from physical challenges by releasing stress.

The main ingredient I learned was not to carry old fear habits, but to confront them. If you look at your life from a fearful place, that is what you will create. During my struggle, I feared I didn't have enough money, love, energy, time and health, as examples, but my thoughts created those limitations.

I was born with the gift of intuitiveness which I combined with further training to help more people break through old, fearful belief systems. I have learned many effective ways to teach dealing with our blockages, to confront and overcome them. Otherwise, we are prone to physical diseases, because we all have stored fear in many parts of our body and emotional places.

Once fear is gone, joy can enter. It is that simple, and it is that limitless. This same principle guides my techniques when I help terminally ill people to release their fear of the unknown, of judgment, and of abandonment. Once those fears are gone, the inner energy of self can restore strength; and the body, mind and spirit can be reunited to enable the freedom to move on.

At all stages, a joyful life results from freedom through dispensing with old, fearful, limited belief systems. Browse and explore within for new ways to achieve and sustain joy while you visit this site.

" The more you laugh, the more you dance!"

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About Shirley Knapp

Founder of Northwinds Productions, Shirley Knapp is an internationally recognized Spiritual teacher, energy healer and author, who travels the globe leading groups in meditation and transformation. In addition, she has been in a holistic private practice, teaching and embracing individuals and groups since 1986. Working with many teachers, her experience is a culmination of extensive training in healing, channeling and the visual arts. This background has provided Shirley with special gifts, offering others a unique healing combination.

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