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Healing the Emotional Body

"With 'Healing the Emotional Body' Shirley relaxes you and then takes you through all the parts of your body, for inspection and healing. It is a glorious way to let go of the negative feelings you no longer want. In short, 'Healing the Emotional Body' is an out-of-body experience without ever leaving your body. It is an experience not to be missed!" 

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~ Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews (Click here for review)

The process you will master in "Healing the Emotional Body" is the first step toward living by your intuition in unconditional love. In order to truly experience Love we must release the old fears we no longer want to carry around with us anymore. That done, the trust and love will just "be there." This audio is bedrock experiential learning for those on their spiritual journey who want to release the old fears, heal the emotional body, and experience Joy, Love and Trust -  automatically - in the absence of fear.

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